DIY Heal Trauma in Your Body

Love After Death (The Soul-building Work of Love)
April 1, 2014
Somatic & Intuitive Small Group Coaching Series
May 24, 2014

DIY Heal Trauma & Oppression in Your Body

Trauma-healing principles & practices to support your personal healing process

Tuesday April 29: 7:00-9:30 pm
in Rockridge, North Oakland

Learn somatic & intuitive practices & theory that invite body & mind to collaborate.

Topics include:
* How to chart a realistic, sustainable healing journey

* Identifying the support and resources you need in place to heal

* Trauma healing principles & tools to sustain your healing journey

* Sustaining hope and motivation when the going gets tough

Space is limited

Workshop Cost: $55

To register: contact or call (510) 594-6812

Vanissar Tarakali, Ph.D. is a somatic educator & intuitive who coaches healers and changemakers to collaborate wisely with the body to heal trauma & sustain social change. Current DiversityWorks Program Director, Vanissar passionately practices Generative Somatics, Intuitive Reading, Energy Bodywork & Tibetan Buddhism. Facebook: Tarakali Education


  1. Outlawteddy says:

    I was blessed to eceprienxe Piper’s IN HER MEMORY presentation several years ago, and it proved healing and empowering. Because her work was so empowering, it sparked the following question: Regarding the Empowerment Workshop, I wondered if you do any type of work targeted at middle school students ages 12 14. Specifically, I work at a public school that was just expanded from K-5 to K through 8. Many of my cohorts agree that we must come up with something to help empower many of our young teens particularly females on how to celebrate themselves despite peer pressure and life trials we need a foundational support structure for our daughters. The spectrum of our student population ranges from low-to-moderate income, single parent, nuclear, and blended families, and households where poverty, abuse across social boundaries, violence, and imprisonment of a family member has had a draining effect on the lives of our children. Do you offer such a workshop for this targeted age group?

    • Vanissar says:

      Thanks for asking. Not my area of expertise; I work with adults only. However, I would be willing to teach a workshop for you and your cohorts, so that you can pass on tools to your middle-schoolers. Thank you for your love and care for them. be well