Workshops & Coaching

Stop blaming yourself for getting triggered

Relationships are triggering contexts for trauma survivors!

Intimate relationships are our birthright. But the neurobiology of relational trauma (neglect, attachment, abuse & oppression) can hijack our hearts & derail mutual trust.

Learn about trauma neurobiology & practice somatic & intuitive tools to soothe hypervigilance. Practice supporting one another to stay open & connected over the long haul.


The Online Course

Self-paced & no expiry for easy access.

What You Can Expect to Take Away from Trauma Survivors in Love:

  • Increased self awareness & self compassion
  • A clearer understanding of how trauma affects your brain
  • Recognition of what is happening in your body when you are triggered
  • Insight about how your body's specific trigger reactions make perfect sense
  • Somatic tools to help you soothe your triggers
  • Practices to help you respond instead of react to challenging relationship situations

TSIL Coaching for Couples

TRAUMA SURVIVORS IN LOVE Coaching for Partners

Dr. Tarakali assists partners to identify their TSIL issues & provides a compassionate container in which to practice somatic tools for mutual trust-building & support.

Coaching sessions by appointment in-person, or over Skype or Zoom.