Healing Oppression and Social Change Workshops:

How Oppression Shows Up in Our Bodies

How internalized oppression and internalized dominance show up in our bodies and communities. Learn to recognize, honor and adapt your inherited ancestral survival strategies to support healing and resilient social change work.

The Extreme Stress of Oppression: Healthy Ways to Cope

Oppression is an “extreme stress” that can wear our spirits down and endanger our health. Tapping into the wisdom of the body increases our resilience in the face of oppression. In this workshop we will learn how oppression impacts the body, and appreciate the oppression-coping methods that we learned from our families and communities. We will learn body-wise ways to cope, restore wellness and sustain social change work.

Fierce Compassion: De-Shaming Social Justice Work

We have all seen it and done it. Shaming, blaming and self-righteous attacks are rampant in social justice communities. The cost? Lost relationships, lost inspiration and–when people lose heart and leave the community–lost wisdom. In this workshop we will identify common shame and blame dynamics and learn how good intentions get side-tracked by the neurobiology of survival. We can cultivate relationships that support all of us to own our mistakes and stay true to social justice values.

Embody Your Allyship for Social Justice Allies

Learn to lovingly own and make use of your (race, class, gender, sexual, ability, etc.) privilege. Build compassionate social justice community; staying present to the embodied experience of privilege so you can use it for social change.

Embody Your Allyship for White Racial Justice Allies

For white anti-racist allies. Recycle your white privilege for social change; transform shame, denial, isolation and other obstacles into authentic, passionate racial justice allyship.


Wellness and Sustainability Workshops:

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Non-dual spiritual traditions teach us that dualism and suffering arise when the playful Primordial Awareness that underlies everything temporarily forgets itself. Our biology mirrors this process. The fragmenting effects of trauma, oppression and illness arise when our bodies/psyches temporarily forget their innate wholeness.
These workshops use somatic and intuitive practices to engage appreciatively with challenging physical symptoms and “dysfunctional” behaviors, restoring wholeness. As contractions melt, energy is freed-up for creativity and agency.

Take Care of You and Sustain Your Organization

Resilient responses to workplace stress, rapidly changing demands, and vicarious trauma. Bring easy-to-learn, practical tools into your workplace to restore your staff and sustain your important work.

Emotional First Aid for Stressful Situations

Practical tools to soothe and center yourself or others when you/they are “triggered.” Build trust and rapport with people who have experienced trauma or oppression.

From Victim Body to Collaborative Body

It is easy to feel stuck and helpless, even when we have access to resources and options. This “victim-body” saps our motivation and confidence, and undermines the mutual trust that we need to sustain our intimate and workplace relationships. Learn to identify the thought patterns and body cues of the "victim" state. Practice somatic strategies to lovingly recycle "victim" states into creatively collaborative states.

Finding Home in Your Bones: Staying Relaxed in Uncertainty

Daily life brings an endless river of changes and surprises. How can we stay grounded within constant change? Learn somatic and intuitive tools to embody safety and ease in your daily life. Unwind self-protective contractions and free up energy for creative engagement with life.

DIY Heal Trauma and Oppression In Your Body

Learn key trauma-healing principles so you can plan a realistic healing path; learn helpful tools to support and sustain your personal healing process.

Your Healing Hands: Energy Healing for Everyone

Energy Healing is a hands-on healing method that works with the energy fields and energy centers in and around the body. In this class you will learn to: ground your energy, keep your energy boundaries clear, sense pain and blockage in the energy body, relieve pain and soften contractions, and discover your unique healing gifts.

Be Your Own Body Whisperer

Learn to create self-nurturing, self-restoring practices in a welcoming environment. In this workshop we will learn a deep listening practice to help you uncover your body’s unique temperament and medicine. We will apply basic principles of imaginative, energetic and somatic healing to comfort and heal the weary or guarded places in the body. You will take away practical self-healing tools, and an increased trust in your body’s wisdom and in your ability to create magic together.

Surfing the Waves: Navigating Spiritual Awakenings and Emergencies

Spiritual awakenings are blessed disruptions. How do we function in the world while our very foundation is disintegrating/reintegrating? In this workshop we will learn somatic and energy tools designed to help us ground, balance and collaborate with the energies of spiritual emergence. Dr. Tarakali (veteran of an eleven-year “spiritual emergency”) will share tips and resources for navigating the journey with grace.