What is an Intuitive Reading?

When you have an important decision to make, are navigating a life transition, or simply looking for a fresh perspective, an Intuitive Reading can provide clarity and direction.

Dr. Tarakali’s intuitive readings are downloads of information read directly from your subtle body or energy field. Readings can unearth refreshing and unexpected insights.

You can bring Dr. Tarakali your questions about life decisions, chronic issues or areas you feel curious about, such as your vocation, social service or justice work, relationships, sexuality, health, experiences of loss, and spiritual concerns. Or you can come for a general reading.

Readings can confirm your own intuition, identify hidden underlying issues, and provide suggestions for going forward. Dr. Tarakali does not predict the future or give advice, although she can look into the potential impact of various decisions.

If you wish, Dr. Tarakali can offer you “homework” practices to support your new direction. You may ask questions any time during the session. You are welcome to bring a recording device so that you can listen to the information again.

Dr. Tarakali has been offering intuitive guidance for over 30 years. Since 2002 she has studied Intuitive Reading with Phyllis Pay at the Intuitive Energy Center (http://intuitivenergy.com).

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a hands-on healing method that works with the energy fields and centers in and around the body. Energy healing communicates directly with your subtle energy body, stimulating deep self-healing on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.

During your session, you lie down on a bodywork table, fully clothed. You are welcome to ask questions at any time, or to relax in silence. If you like, Dr. Tarakali can offer intuitive insights during your treatment.

Dr. Tarakali has been sensitive to subtle energies since her youth, when she offered Reiki, Polarity Therapy, and chakra-balancing to hundreds of clients. These experiences, as well as an eleven year spiritual awakening process, inspired her unique approach to energy healing, which she has been developing for over 30 years.