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Somatic Education



You might call me a body-whisperer. Through coaching, workshops and consulting, I specialize in helping people understand and collaborate with their bodies for personal healing and social transformation.

I believe that bodies are wise and trustworthy. The body is always trying to take care of us and our loved ones. But sometimes the body’s worldview becomes stuck in the past, when we had fewer options than we do now. To get our bodies up to date, we need to learn the language of the body.

I am here to help individuals and organizations learn to communicate directly with their bodies, so that mind and body can collaborate to achieve personal and organizational goals.

My training and life experience has prepared me to support clients from diverse backgrounds to: reduce stress, build healthier relationships, heal from trauma and oppression, balance their personal and work lives, strengthen their social change work, increase organizational wellness and resilience, nurture creative self-expression, and navigate life transitions and spiritual awakenings.

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Support for you and your loved ones

Do you become "triggered" or upset out of proportion to what is actually happening?

Do you have important goals or yearnings that you cannot seem to turn into reality?

You already know that self-insight and analysis alone cannot change these patterns.

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Somatics for Climate Resilience & Other Workshops

Click the Workshops tab at the top of this page to find Climate Resilience & Trauma Survivors in Love Workshops

Trauma Survivors in Love work is for individuals and couples who long for nourishing, trauma-savvy relationships.

Are you ready to sustain your relationships and community work from the inside out?

Dr. Tarakali is ready to show you how.

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