Do you feel at home in your body?

Experiences of extreme stress, life transitions, loss, illness or chronic pain, abuse and oppression can leave you feeling like your body is a frustrating stranger. You may be caught in repetitive behavior patterns, even though you “know better.” No matter how entrenched your habits are, no matter how hopeless things may feel, your body has the agency and intelligence to create new ways of being. I am here to teach you how to collaborate with your wise body.

What is Somatic and Intuitive Coaching?

Somatic and Intuitive Coaching is my synthesis of over 35 years of studying body-mind-spirit approaches to learning and healing. A typical hour-long session may include educational or goal-setting conversations, somatic and intuitive bodywork (where you sit or lie down on a bodywork table), standing or walking practices for rehearsing new responses to familiar situations, and guided sensory awareness or mindfulness practices. Our work together is guided by your goals, and responsive to what unfolds in the moment. You and I will collaborate to give your body experiences that decrease helplessness and reactivity, and increase your sense of safety, self-trust, and agency, enabling you to co-create the life you want.


Trauma shows up in the body as self-protective contractions. Trauma results from accidents, assaults, medical interventions, neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, oppression (such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, etc.), or exposure to the trauma of others.

I support clients to transform trauma where it begins—in the body and brain. The trauma healing journey is a path from contraction to fluidity. Healing trauma means softening contractions and restoring fluidity to the body so that energy and emotions can move through us with ease.

Unwinding contractions can mean facing and feeling unbearable discomfort. Because this is difficult, we tend to distract ourselves from the intense sensations by falling into familiar patterns of dissociation, overwhelm, running, fighting, freezing, or caretaking.

As your somatic educator and ally, my job is to stay by your side as you gradually learn to tolerate what scares you. I have a wealth of tools to help you face your discomfort with increasing confidence. I will cheer you on as you gradually reclaim your birthright of aliveness, resilience and creativity.

Dr. Tarakali’s trauma work is informed by her personal healing journey, as well as decades of work with survivors of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and LGBTQ hate violence; extensive training with generative somatics ( and Denise Benson since 2006; and other trauma healing approaches, including Capacitar (, Trauma Stewardship, and restorative yoga.

Dr. Tarakali’s lifelong commitment to social justice continues to shape her efforts to heal social trauma.

Are You Ready to Take Your Body Back?

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