Tune-Ups & Skillshops for Healers, Activists & Earth Allies


The purpose of S4CR is to support you/your community to align with the earth, center in your resilience & turn your visions for climate justice, climate adaptation & communities of mutual aid into reality.

Somatic tune-ups can transform your relationship to the inner & outer obstacles that undermine creative responses to climate crisis.

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As the climate unravels, communities need to equip themselves for mutual aid & disaster relief. Tools for body-mind-spirit wellness, trauma healing & resilience are a key component of preparedness. Let’s practice these skills now.

Somatic First Aid for Climate Trauma

Practical tools to soothe & center after being “triggered.” Build trust & rapport with people who have experienced trauma & oppression. Read the article.

Your Healing Hands: Energy Healing

Energy Healing is hands-on healing that works with the energy centers & fields in & around the body. Participants will practice a 45 minute sequence of energy healing, and learn how to ground, maintain clear energy boundaries, soothe physical & emotional pain & develop their unique healing gifts.

Take Care of You & Sustain Your Organization

Learn resilient responses to the vicarious trauma associated with care & advocacy work. Practice easy-to-learn, practical tools to renew & sustain you & your work. Read the article.

Somatic & Intuitive Coaching Group Daylong

Build community in a small group while practicing somatic & intuitive tools to support individual healing & social change goals. Each participant will receive individual coaching from Dr. Tarakali in the presence of the group.

Unwinding Oppression Trauma: Somatic Tools for Healers & Facilitators

Like all trauma, oppression manifests in our individual & collective bodies as contractions, implicit body memories & survival strategies. Practitioners will learn practices to help clients, students & community members heal from internalized oppression & internalized dominance. Read the article.

Trauma Survivors in Community (TSIC)

We need communities of mutual care to navigate the challenges of climate chaos. But human relationships are triggering contexts for survivors of relational trauma. Past traumas can hijack our community relationships & blow up “little things” into big things.

In this skillshop based on Dr. Tarakali’s Trauma Survivors in Love work, we will drop the self-blame, learn about trauma neurobiology & take care of our reactive bodies. We will practice somatic & intuitive tools to promote mutual trust & collaboration.

Finding Ease in Uncertainty: Somatic Safety & Resilience Practices

Our bodies can be sources of steadiness & safety within social, political & environmental upheaval. Learn somatic tools to access more ease & self-trust in your daily life. Unwind self-protective contractions & free up energy to engage with whatever unfolds. Read the article.

Befriend Your Climate Grief

“I know. Grief is great. Only you and I in this land know that yet. Let us be good to one another.” – Aslan in The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

Grief stops us in our tracks. Expressing grief renews & restores. Collective grief can shake up the status quo. But solo grief is lonely & scary. This somatic skillshop will make space for participants’ climate & social collapse grief & offer tools to express grief safely. Our bodies will know what to do next. Read the article.


Governmental reactions to climate crisis are creating more trauma survivors & climate refugees. Intersectional social justice & climate justice work is urgent. These skillshops aim to build our capacity to transform oppression & sustain social & climate justice work through wise collaboration with our bodies.

Embody Your Allyship for Climate Justice

Build compassionate climate justice community; recycle privilege for climate justice; transform fear, shame & denial into passionate solidarity with the earth, climate refugees & people of color-led climate justice movements.

Embody Your Allyship for Racial Justice

This workshop is for white folks who identify as anti-racist. Build compassionate racial justice community; recycle white privilege for social justice; transform shame, denial & other obstacles into passionate solidarity with immigrants & climate refugees of color & people of color-led racial justice movements. Read the article.

De-shaming Social Justice Work

The shaming, blaming & self-righteous attacks that plague social justice communities cost us peer & intergenerational relationships, motivation & collective memory. In this skillshop we will identify specific ways that our work gets side-tracked by survival neurobiology. We will learn somatic tools to shift reactivity & blame into compassionate co-engagement that aligns with our social justice values. Read the article.

How Oppression Shows Up in Our Bodies

Internalized oppression & internalized dominance are replicated in our individual & community bodies. Learn to recognize, honor & upgrade your current & ancestral oppression survival strategies to support robust social justice work. Read the article.

Recycle Your Abundance for Collective Resilience

Many of us have been born into advantages denied to others, based on our race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, neurology, physical ability, etc. We can proactively re-purpose these assets for collective climate resilience.

In this workshop we will practice grounded, matter-of-fact body awareness of our relative social & economic advantage, warmly welcome our emotions, & brainstorm practical ways to redistribute these individual & group resources in the service of collective safety & abundance.

Read this article or this one.


I would be delighted to co-create a community dialogue or healing/training gathering with you.