Bird Energy Medicine Playshop

Sacred Disruptions
September 10, 2015
Doorways to Liberation
October 9, 2015

Bird Medicine for Healing & Transformation

When: Tuesday, September 29: 7-9 pm

Where: Rockridge, North Oakland

Dr. Tarakali’s lifelong relationship with birds recently took a surprising turn. She was inspired (badgered, actually) by her bird friends (the “Bird of Directors” or “Advisory Birds”) to create 16 essence tinctures called Taken Under Wing.

Like Rescue Remedy, bird essences are energy medicine, in this case the channeled energy of specific birds, including parrots, owls and raptors.

Each Taken Under Wing tincture embodies a unique aspect of avian wisdom that the birds are eager to share with humans (and other beings) to support healing and transformation.

The 16 essences include Nourishing Partnership, Slow Down, Badass Female, Agency-in-Disability, Altar Eagle, Hunter-Healer (to enhance healing insight), Liberation Beyond Form, Good Death, Preening, Adorable Owl, Taken Under Wing (for mentoring), and others.


In this playshop Dr. Tarakali and the Advisory Birds will share intuitive insights and anecdotes, while guests sample the essences and experience bird energy medicine.

If you like, Dr. Tarakali and the “Advisory Birds” will recommend an appropriate essence for your temperament and situation.

Space is limited
Playshop Cost: $20

To register, contact Dr. Tarakali at
or (510) 594-6812

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