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November 2, 2013
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January 1, 2014

I went to my first psychic when I was nineteen years old. Vince was a blunt, boisterous Dutchman whose readings were alarmingly accurate. I was blown away. I asked him if maybe someday I could do what he did.

I remember his sudden solemnity: “For everything,” he said, “There is a price. If you want to work that way with people, you need to know what joy is. You need to know what pain is. You have to be familiar with love and loss. All of it. Everything humans go through, you will need to go through. Otherwise, you have no right to speak to people about their lives.”

He suggested I not worry about becoming psychic, and focus on living an ordinary life.

That conversation set the bar pretty high. Although I was already doing tarot readings for myself and others, I never presumed to call myself “psychic.”

Fast forward thirty-five years–after experiencing a respectable number of Vince’s prerequisites, after sixteen years of training with Phyllis Pay–I am finally comfortable calling myself an “intuitive.” (Phyllis recently called me a “somatic intuitive,” which tickled me.)

The funny thing is, I did not intend to become an intuitive. When I met Phyllis I immediately knew I “had to study with that woman, whatever she was teaching!” She was teaching intuitive reading, so here I am.

I see all of my work as sacred work, because I work with people’s precious bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. Intuitive readings are especially sacred to me, probably because readings are mostly about surrender.

I do use the techniques I have been taught: First, I set an intention that the reading will be in harmony with my readee, and that the reading will benefit all beings. Next, I ground myself and set up clear energy boundaries so as not to confuse my personal story with my client’s. Then I invite my readee to ask their question(s).

As I pay attention to my client’s energy field, I am shown metaphoric images that address my readee’s situation. It takes skill and effort to interpret these images for my readee.

That said, I am not in control of what information comes to me, or how. When I get out of the way, magic happens; healing unfolds. Sometimes it feels like dancing with the universe. I feel blessed when I read people.

Are you interested in receiving an intuitive reading?

Or in honing your own intuitive abilities?

I invite you to set up an appointment with me for yourself or a loved one. I am also happy to refer you to other competent, down-to-earth intuitives.

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